Ethnicity: Japanese


Hair: Brunette

Eyes: Brown Eyes

Breasts: Natural

Age: 22

Curves: 32H 24 36

Figure: Busty


Welcome to Anna's profile. She’s extremely pleased you’ve stopped by to check her out!


Anna loves to have fun and is very social but also enjoys deep sensual conversations and doesn’t mind listening to you all night long.


Anna is available for anal, vaginal, breast and oral sex with Duo and Couple-Friendly services

Anna loves to create fulfilling experiences and is intrigued by role play and just knows how to keep you happy and satisfied. Having fun is what Aura Dolls is all about, and Anna is ready to show you her energetic side.

Anna is a creature of habit and is selective with whom she see’s. If you have spent time with Anna you already know that she loves to be booked in advance and doesn’t like it when you see other Aura Dolls without her. Anna loves to share exciting experiences and loves the companionship of men and women of any age.

How long would you like to see me for? 

How long would you like to see me for? 

30 mins
1 hour
2 hours

If you wish to book me for longer than 2 hours please begin by booking the 2 hour option and letting us know how long you wish to book for through our comment section.

Prefer a Duo?

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